If you’re looking for an extraordinary investment opportunity in Georgia, look no further than this fabulous duplex for sale. This property presents a fantastic chance to build your investment portfolio, offering a turnkey business with an excellent rental history, a 100% occupancy rate, and incredibly low turnover. With a diverse mix of units and a highly maintained property, this Georgia duplex is a rare gem that should not be overlooked.

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With a staggering 133 doors, this Georgia duplex is a remarkable investment opportunity. The property boasts a 20-unit apartment, three duplexes, and an impressive 110 single-family homes. This diverse portfolio ensures stability and potential for substantial returns on your investment. The combined properties offer a total of 367 bedrooms, 189 full baths, 8 1/2 baths, and an impressive 144,606 square feet.

Georgia Duplex for Sale

One of the most attractive features of this Georgia duplex is its exceptional rental history. The property has consistently maintained 100% occupancy, making it a reliable and lucrative investment. Moreover, the turnover rate is exceptionally low, providing a stable and ongoing income stream for the discerning investor.

The seller, recognizing the value of long-term tenants, requires a 2-year lease agreement. This approach has resulted in an impressive 78% lease renewal rate, ensuring consistent cash flow and minimizing vacancy periods. By maintaining a high percentage of lease renewals, this Georgia duplex offers stability and peace of mind to the investor.

Another key aspect of this Georgia duplex is the meticulous care and maintenance of the properties. The seller has prioritized the upkeep of the units, ensuring that they are in excellent condition and ready for immediate occupancy. A well-maintained property not only attracts high-quality tenants but also minimizes repair and renovation costs, making this investment an even more attractive opportunity.

In addition to the impressive features of this Georgia duplex, the seller has implemented an efficient online payment system for tenants. This streamlined process simplifies rent collection, ensuring timely payments and reducing administrative hassle for the landlord. The seller is eager to share details about this system, showcasing their dedication to effective property management.

In conclusion, this Georgia duplex for sale presents a rare opportunity to invest in real estate while simultaneously acquiring a turnkey business. With an exceptional rental history, a high occupancy rate, and low turnover, this investment promises a steady income stream. The well-maintained properties and efficient management system further enhance the appeal of this opportunity. Don’t let this chance pass you by – seize the opportunity to expand your investment portfolio with this fabulous Georgia duplex.

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